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How to choose the RIGHT yoga class for YOU today

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

So you've decided to look into this yoga thing. Now a simple search in google for "beginner yoga class" or "yoga for a tight butt" will get you results for sure but are they the results that are really best for you?


The short answer maybe. The long answer probably not. The simple fact is not every beginner class is for every beginner and not everyone looking for a tighter butt will get it from the tight butt class. Sometimes it's best to try and keep trying classes until you find a teacher, a style, and a schedule that really clicks with what your body, mind, and life needs. Once you find it you will know. Also keep in mind that some days are going to feel different than others and what your body is looking for on Monday morning may be different than Tuesday evening so really explore your options. If you can only take a yoga class at 7:30 PM on a Tuesday and your options are between Yin, Vinyasa, and Kundalini try out one each week. You may find that what you need in your life at that moment is some heart pumping kick your butt Vinyasa and then in a year you find you aren't getting what you used to out of the class look again again at that boring Yin class and it might be exactly what your mind is craving now. So often we get in our routines and forget that they can and should be changed up from time to time because our needs change.


The most important thing is that you are tuning in and showing up week after week. I do have a few tips for you if you aren't sure where even to start:

  • Don't start with a high intensity class, if you don't know the poses or what they are supposed to feel like this is asking for frustration, confusion, and lack of confidence

    • This means vinyasa, core buster challenges, booty builders, HIIT Fusion, etc. not that these are bad I love a physically challenging class but not if I don't know what the term "take your vinyasa" means

  • Read class descriptions

    • Every studio is a little different and most of them really do a great job letting you know what you can expect from each class. This will depend on the teacher too but it will give you an idea of the pacing and basic flow of the class

  • Try a bunch of classes

    • I cannot stress this enough try them out and don't feel like you should be doing one class over the other because of your "experience level" it is the right class for you if it works with your schedule, you like the teacher, and you can physically (maybe with props) do the class

  • Find a studio teacher, YouTube teacher, private teacher you like and want to share your practice with this makes a HUGE difference

    • Think about school and how much better you learned the class material when you actually looked forward to going to that teacher's class this is the same thing

I hope this has helped you. Good luck on your journey.

With Peace,

Sarah T.

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