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A Little More About Me

Movement and Breath

My name is Sarah T. Waring, I am a dog mom, a wife, a sister, the oldest daughter of strong woman, a runner, and a yoga teacher. I am a true believer in the power of the magic we all have inside ourselves and the connection we have with the world we live in. I do my best to live an ethical lifestyle and I strive to be as inclusive as possible. I am a human ​so I am unfortunately not perfect though wouldn't that be nice. I have struggled with body image and self hate most of my life but I use yoga and everything it teaches me about my body to help combat this issue when it shows up. 

I've been a registered yoga teacher since October 2020, but my yoga journey started about 15 years earlier. In my early 20s I was looking for a way to move my body, calm my mind, and connect to my "Hippie Soul". A trip to the local library set me on a journey that lead me here today with you. Off and on I would find myself coming back to yoga for one reason or another and finally in the fall of 2017 it stuck, I was practicing regularly and really enjoying a daily meditation routine, 2019 was a bad mental heath year for me and I found myself in a dark hole that I was struggling to get out of and then a little spark came to me... I would go all in on this yoga stuff. I needed to throw myself into yoga with my whole heart and share my practice with as many people as I could. I knew how much it changed my life and I how I felt when I didn't make the time for it. At the end of the 2019 I received a promotional email from my local studio about two events happening on my birthday weekend, a glow yoga event and a discussion about yoga teacher training starting in Spring 2020. I took that as a good sign and signed up for both events. The glow yoga was AMAZING and so much fun. The discussion left me feeling so excited I couldn't wait to start. I went right to my bookstore and bought the required reading as well as some books and journals that looked interesting I told everyone by the end of the year I would be a yoga teacher and here I am today teaching yoga and sharing my practice. 

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